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MP3 CD Maker-> News
MP3 CD Maker News

MP3 CD Maker 1.50

This is the update you've been dreaming about... in 42 languages.

New CD-TEXT burning feature is available! You can burn CD-TEXT CDs with a CD-TEXT compatible CDR/RW drive now.

Now the MP3 CD Maker supports over 1200 CDR/W drives. Check the list to see if yours is included.

Now you can easily change the "language skin" to Chinese traditional, Chinese simplified, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, French, German, or English.

Or, you can easily translate the MP3 CD Maker to another language in minutes. It's easy for everyone. Email your translation to us! If we choose yours, you will get the MP3 CD Maker for free.

Some of those funny bugs have been worked out in this version, too. The song lists that you print with the custom graphics feature are awesome now... and you Windows 2000 and ME users are in the clear. Are you registered with MP3 CD Maker? Upgrades are FREE forever for registered users! Download version 1.41 and then use your original registration receipt to re-register.

Coming soon:

.Support of additional CDR/W drives and languages
.Support of additional sound file formats
Have a great idea? Send us an email!.


MP3 CD Maker 1.40 Updated!
Support over 900 CDR/RW drives and CD-TEXT burning.


MP3 CD Maker 1.31 Updated!
Support over 850 CDR/RW drives and 36 languages.


MP3 CD Maker 1.30 Updated!
Support over 700 CDR/RW drives and 8 languages.


MP3 CD Maker 1.21 Updated!
Add new drivers for HP 8290 CD Writer, Memorex CDRW//DVD 6424, Ricoh MP7080A and Phillips PCRW804


MP3 CD Maker 1.20 Updated!
Support up to 450 CDR/RW drives (HP 9300, Mitsumi 4804, ...)
New CD cover designing and printing feature. 8 CD cover background pictures are included in this version, you can choose the background picture of CD cover and change the fonts of CD cover. You can also add your own picture files as the CD cover back ground. BMP,TIF,JPG files are supported.
80 minute CDR/RW disc is supported. You can burn a 80-minute audio CD on a 80-minute CDR/RW disc.
MP3 tag is supported. This version can get the song title and artist name from MP3's tag data.


MP3 CD Maker 1.19 Updated!
Support more CDR/RW drives (HP 9100,HP 9200,Philips 4220,Philips 4220 ...)


MP3 CD Maker 1.18 Updated!
Support more CDR/RW drives (Mitsumi CR-2801TE, Track-at-Once writing mode)
Support Multi-CDR selecting(if you have two or more CDR drives on a same computer).


MP3 CD Maker 1.17 Updated!
Support more CDR/RW drives (Including Backpack cdrw ... Zip CD...)


MP3 CD Maker 1.16 Updated!
It can convert low sample rate mp3 files to CD quality and record on a CD. It supported MP3 files (22.05Khz, 16Khz, 24Khz and 32KHz) record to a CD.


MP3 CD Maker 1.15 Updated!
Some bug fixed...


MP3 CD Maker Updated!
Add drivers for Teac CDR50S, Teac CDR55S, Smart & Friendly 4012, and more ... Check supported devices


MP3 CD Maker 1.13 Updated!
More CD recorders are supported! Check supported devices
Drag and Drop are supported now. You can drag MP3 files from Windows explorer and then drop them into MP3 CD Maker's song list.
Mono MP3 Files are supported now. This version supports the following MP3 file format: 44.1KHz/16 Bit/Stero , 48KHz/16 Bit /Stero, 44.1KHz/16 Bit/Mono , 48KHz/16 Bit /Mono, Xing's VBR encoded MP3 files are also supported.
WinAmp's M3U Play List files and Sonique's PLS Play List files are supported . You can drag play list file into MP3 CD Maker's song list. You can also open play list file by clicking open button. Play list file exporting is also supported. You can export play list file by clicking the right mouse button on a MP3 file and selecting "export playlist" item in the menu.
In this version, you can also export the song list into a standard text file so that you can use it in a CD labeling software.
In this version, MP3 CD Maker can "remember" the directory that you opened last time so that you do not have to select the MP3 file directory again when you re-launch MP3 CD Maker.
Some small bugs are fixed in this version.


MP3 CD Maker 1.12 Updated!
Normalization feature is available in this version. So, you can burn MP3s on a CD with the same volume.
A minimize icon to minimize windows is also available.
Fixed some bugs when recording with Yamaha 4416S, 4416E, 2216S and Phillips PCA460RW.


MP3 CD Maker 1.11 Updated!
This version supports HP 6020, HP 4020 and Phillips CDD2600 and CDD2000. More cd recorders were tested in this version(See Supported Device).
And, it is more stable. A drag-n-drop MP3 list arranging feature is available.


MP3 CD Maker 1.11 Beta Updated!
This is a bug fixing version. Solve the printing problems. Also, a drag-n-drop MP3 list arranging feature is available. This version is still under beta test.


MP3 CD Maker 1.1 Updated!
Now MP3 CD Maker has a very cool user interface! Many thanks to Mr. goo who design the user interface for me.
MP3 CD Maker 1.1 has the following new feature:
Load and save recording project.
Print MP3 List to make a CD cover.
Rename MP3 titles (You can add artist names and song titles on MP3. It can be printed on the CD cover.
Tools to adjust MP3 list sequence.


MP3 CD Maker 1.05 Updated!
Xing's VBR encoded MP3 files are support now!
MP3 Downsampling is supported in this version. Which means you can also burn MP3 files of 48K sample rate in the audio CD.
Low quality MP3 files (some MP3s without MPEG head info) are supported.
Samsung CD recorder are supported now.
Some bugs are fixed. This version is more stable.


MP3 CD Maker 1.04 Updated!
Fixed some bugs in this version. Now it is more stable.


MP3 CD Maker 1.03 Updated! HP CD-Writer+7200,7100 and Phillips CDD3610 are supported ! MP3 CD Maker 1.03 has a better setup interface, the setup support uninstall now. I also add a help file and a "tips of the day" feature in 1.03 version.


MP3 CD Maker 1.02 Updated! WAV file export supported !

MP3 CD Maker 1.02 supports HP CD-Writer+ 7500,and 8200 now,see HERE

Added some "export" features in this version. Now you can convert MP3 files into audio "WAV" format files and raw CD track files by right click the mouse on the MP3 names. With this feature, you can use other software to burn audio tracks with WAV files or raw CD track files. Such softwares are: Easy CD Creater, WinOnCD, Easy CD Pro, CDRWin ... . You can convert MP3 files into wav files so that you can edit the sound clips by other software such as Adobe Primier.
I also add a page on my site that list the CDR/RW drive list currently supported by MP3 CD Maker 1.02.


Site Update!
There are some cool links about MP3 tools, MP3 sites and CDR related stuff.


MP3 CD Maker 1.01 Update!
MP3 CD Maker 1.01 Update! It support Teac CDR56s and Ricoh MP6200S Now. In this version, Win95's CDROM's Auto Insert Notification is turned off when MP3 CD Maker launch. I made a small setup program for this version, so the full package is less than 200K!


MP3 CD Maker 1.0 Released!
MP3 CD Maker 1.0 is a MP3 decoder software that can let people burn audio CDs from MP3 files. I like music, but I can only listen MP3 songs on my PC, what if I choose some my favorite songs from my MP3 files and burn them in a CDR so that I can listen to the songs on my Hi-Fi, even in cars! So I wrote this MP3 decoder program. You don't have to convert MP3 to wav first, just burn them directly. It's small (<500K) and easy to use.

I have tested this program on the following CDR drives: YAMAHA 400t, Panasonic 7502, Panasonic 7582, Ricoh MP7040A, the program works fine. If your CDR/RW drive supports SCSI 3 MMC command, you can use this program.

If your CDR drive does not support my program, please feel free to send me an email, tell me what CDR drive are you using. I will try my best to solve your problem.


MP3 CD Maker 1.0 Released!
Finished my installation package. every thing is ready to upload.
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