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MP3 CD Maker->Langue Skin
MP3 CD Maker 1.50 (New09/09/2000) Download Now(1.3M) Site 1
The following files are new "language skins" for MP3 CD Maker, to use it, download and save the file in "C:\Program Files\MP3CD\Language" folder. 
Korean (Contributor:Joonhwan Lee) Download Korean.txt
Portuguese(Brazil) (Contributor:Jonny Kilcher) Download Portuguese(Brazil).txt
Polish (Contributor:Clay Chastain) Download Polski.txt
Swedish (Contributor:Henrik "Airhead" Bengtsson) Download Swedish.txt
Afrikaans (Contributor:Theuns Oosthuizen) Download Afrikaans.txt
Dutch (Contributor:Johan Wittingen) Download Dutch.txt
Greek (Contributor: Ultra GR) Download Greek.txt
Flemish (Contributor:Bart aka Kamagurka) Download Aantwaarps.txt
Finnish (Contributor:Hiltula Jussi) Download Finnish.txt
Croatian (Contributor:Dubravko) Download Croatian.txt
Norwegian (Contributor:Bernt Bergh) Download Norwegian.txt
Danish (Contributor:Jan Poulsen ) Download Danish.txt
Turkish (Contributor:Levent ERDEM) Download Turkish.txt
Russian (Contributor:Alexander Inshakov ) Download Russian.txt
Malaysia (Contributor:Lam M Sopian H) Download Melayu.txt
Hungarian (Contributor:Jozsef Tamas Herczeg) Download Hungarian.txt
Hebrew (Contributor:Lior Hadar) Download Hebrew.txt
Thai (Contributor:Songkran Piyangkron ) Download Thai.txt
Czech (Contributor:Jan Ptak, Jr. ) Download Czech.txt
Romanian (Contributor:Andrei Zinca) Download Romanian.txt
Catalonian (Contributor:Eugenio G.M. and Isidro G.M.) Download Catalonian.txt
Estonian (Contributor:Xawa) Download Estonian.txt
Serbian (Contributor:Danilo Pusonja) Download Serbian.txt
German (Contributor:Klaus) Download German.txt
Slovak (Contributor:Juraj Obsivany) Download Slovak.txt
Latvian (Contributor:Eric Zelenka) Download Latvian.txt
French (Contributor:Thierry Bergeron) Download French.txt
Spanish (Contributor:Jesus Cardenas) Download Spanish.txt
Castillian (Contributor:Carlos M. F. ) Download Cast-Spain.txt
Swiss German (Contributor:Erich Minder) Download GermanSwiss.txt
Slovenian (Contributor:Alojz Rakovec) Download Slovenian.txt
Lithuanian (Contributor:Dmitry Rubcov) Download Lithuanian.txt
Bulgarian (Contributor:Georgi Angelov) Download Bulgarian.txt
Icelandic (Contributor:Steini Gunn Selfossi) Download Icelandic.txt
Italian (Contributor:Algisi Enzo) Download Italian.txt
Indonesian (Contributor:Hero Susanto Raharjo) Download Indonesian.txt
Ukrainian (Contributor: Dutkanich Vovan ) Download Ukrainian.txt
Nynorsk (Contributor: Stein Rimehaug) Download NorwegianNynorsk.txt
This version of MP3 CD Maker support the following languages:
Chinese traditional, Chinese simplified, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, French, German,Korean, Portuguese, Polish, Swedish, Afrikaans, Dutch, Greek, Flemish, Finnish, Croatian,Norwegian, Danish, Turkish, Russian, Maleyu,Hungarian,Hebrew, Thai,Czech,Romanian, Catalonian, Estonian, Serbian,Slovak,Latvian,Castillian,SwissGerman,Slovenian,Lithuanian, Bulgarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Ukrainian, Nynorsk and English

To learn how to get more language support, click here.

The shareware version can record up to 4 MP3 songs per CDR. Click on either link.

For the full version, just Click Buy Now to make a secured online purchase! The registration fee is only $29.95. You will get an email with registration information within 24 hours.

For info about the latest version of this mp3 converter, Click What's New .
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