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TS-Audio mp3 midi converter (Converting CD, WAVE & MP3 files to MIDI files)
TS-Audio MP3 MIDI Converter is a three in one convertor (wav to midi,mp3 to midi,cda files to midi converter) for live performance, making MIDI files, transcribing music, and also can converting midi sequence from polyphonic WAVE and MP3 files(having many tones or voices) and CDs.

It designed to automate transcribing of music. That means that the task of retrieving music score from an audio record, which is usually accomplished by a hard work of a professional musicians,is about to be solvable by a computer. You can take you favorite audio record and convert it into notes.

It can work both in real-time and off-line mode. In off-line mode WIDI creates MIDI sequences from input files (like mp3s or audio CD tracks).

in real-time mode, instantly converting music at the microphone or line input of your computer into a MIDI sequence. Think of this mode as a powerful music processor which allows some non-MIDI instrument (like a guitar) to sound as a violin or a piano or whatever instrument you've got in your MIDI synthesizer.

Convert MP3 to MIDI(mid) (converting wav to midi)- Click to enlarge

A sample file converted by WIDI:
Name: Badinerie - J.S.Bach
MP3 File:
Click Here Size: 478K
Midi File:
Click Here Size: 12K
  System Required   Version Info
  - Windows 95,98
- Windows 2000
- Windows NT,ME
- Windows XP
    Last Release : Version 3.2.0 [2004.7.10]
File Size: 604KB
Price : $34.99
  - converting mp3 to midi
- support WAVE,MP3,MPEG Layer 1,2,3 and CD tracks.
- produces multi-track volume differentiated MIDI files.
- uses simple harmonic model to eliminate wrong notes.
- allows automatic fine tuning to the key of source file.
- can produce intermediate GS files for quicker operation (See GS files for details).
- bass note shifting.
  - converting wav files to midi files
- pitches to transcribe are selectable
- subject to tuning
- algorithm selection.
- minimal duration of notes (wrong short notes can be cut off).
- number of voices.
- time resolution (usually higher than minimal note duration).
- length of input file is not limited.
- does not differentiate instruments in source file, but allows you to use any instrument in the output MIDI file.
  how this program works
  Every musical note has pitch, which corresponds to the frequency of main tone. Modern musical scale has almost 100 pitches with frequencies from approximately 30 hertz to 4,5 kilohertz. Neighbor notes frequencies (C and C#, E and F) are always related as 2 in 1/12 power, so notes making an octave interval (=12 smallest called semitones) have frequencies rated as 1:2. There are other scales too, but they are rarely used.
  User Review
  "Pretty courageous!"
My mind was blown when I saw that you were offering software that could take a wave file and convert it to a midi file. I downloaded it and saw that it could actually shorten the process of transcription by providing a matrix from which to work! You've got game! I had no idea the technology was even close to being possible. -- Phil Christensen
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completely secure ordering, will send you a registration code to fully unlock the software.The limitation of the unregistered copy of Wav MP3 Midi Converter is that you can only have 30 days free trial and can not save the converted midi file.
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